Collection: Human Hair Wigs

Explore our collection of human hair wigs made from natural hair fibers that take on the look of real human hair.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of using real human hair for better quality and longer duration.

Our new collections of natural hair are composed of hair in various colors of the highest quality. Handcrafted, this hair has the characteristic of remaining soft and silky, for many years.

So don't hesitate to highlight your favorite style by sporting the different styles of natural hair wig that you will find throughout this collection, for high-end wigs that look much more natural and professional.


What is the price of a wig with real hair?

Generally, prices for real hair wigs, which are of superior quality, are higher than synthetic wigs. Our prices are around 2000 Canadian dollars for a wig.

This price is explained by the fact that human hair is expensive and by the labor required to produce this type of wig.

How do you know if a wig is of good quality?

To find out more about the quality of your wig, just flip your wig over and see how it was designed. You will be able to observe the difference between an entry-level synthetic wig and a wig with human hair.

Why buy a wig with real hair?

The result with a human hair wig is much more realistic than with a synthetic wig, natural hair reacts to heat and humidity like real human hair. This is often what is sought after by people buying a wig.

Do not hesitate if you want to buy a wig to consult our article.