Collection: Jon Renau Wig and Topper Collection

Explore our collection of wigs and toppers from one of the pioneers in the manufacture of international high-end wigs: Jon Renau.

Composed of high quality synthetic wigs and natural hair wigs, this collection has been designed to push the boundaries of traditional hair prostheses. Thanks to the use of the most natural fibers, this collection tends to highlight a much more avant-garde style while prioritizing the comfort aspect of the wig.

Do not hesitate to put forward a much more modernist look and ensure by choosing from this collection that looks like Italian hair, Russian hair and French hair of high quality and international renown.

Find hairstyles that are much shorter or a little longer, depending on your preference and dare to challenge the norms thanks to the professional and unusual style of Jon Renau wigs.


Who is Jon Renau?

Jon renau has been a wig specialist since 1984. This brand is renowned for producing high quality wigs.