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Welcome to our online shop!  We have been in the business for many years and have the experience to help you choose the right wig for you right in the comfort of your own home.  By using simple technology, such as WhatsApp or Zoom, we can visit you virtually to help figure out the best option for your hair.

We can show you different options online.  To start the consultation, please email and send the following information: 
In the subject, please write: ONLINE CONSULTATION REQUEST

1. Your name;
2. A brief explanation of why you feel you need a consultation;
3. If you are a client already, or have experience with a wig, topper or other type of hair replacement;
4. A picture of the area of hair loss from the top, front and back. 
5. If you have lost your hair completely no need for a picture. Just mention it and  send us a picture of a style that you want or the hair style you had before. 
6. If you have a wig or a topper, please send a picture of the topper or wig you currently have. If you want a new look you can send us a picture of a style that you want or the hair style you had before. 
7. Send us as well your telephone number and dates and times of availability so that we can schedule a consultation;
8. Any other questions that you may have before the call can also be included in the email.
9. Measurements (please see below) 
(This information is very important for us to be able to get ready to show you products that are applicable to you.)

Here are a couple of videos to help you with measurements and understanding toppers and how they vary.  Please note these are tools, we will be able to guide you properly when we have our consultation.  

Oh did we mention this is a FREE service?




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