Ordering or Customizing a Wig, Toupee or Topper

The form below is used to give us an idea of what you are looking for in a custom order.  We will receive your form and contact you back with questions and quote.  We usually respond within 24 hours. 

First time wearing a wig? Here are some tips to help you choose.

Wearing wigs are crucial for many people, especially for those experiencing hair loss.  Buying a wig can be a stressful time for many, our job is to make it easier for you.  If you need an online consultation or just want us to help you choose scroll to the bottom and fill out the form. 

Something else that you need to know, is that wigs like everything else comes in different qualities.  What does that mean? Well basically if you purchase a wig from under 100$ you will pay for what you get.  Synthetic wigs that are well made and look good usually start at 200$ to 550$.  If you find human hair under 300$ then that too cannot be of good quality, in reality you are paying for a mixed hair wig or worse a synthetic wig and the company is a scam.  So how to know, usually good wig shops will offer a service even when you purchase online.  Also, if you look up the company, usually you will find information about them, reviews etc... This is important.  Beware of scams, if it's too good to be true, then it usually is. 

Can you guess which wigs are good quality and which are not?

Choose your Hair Style! 

We recommend searching for a similar style to what you have/had.  That will help with the transition.  Please note we customize human hair wigs to suit your needs, so if you don't find the style you want on our site, just contact us or fill up the custom form below and we will be able to help you.  

Measuring your Head.

Most clients have average sized heads so the medium cap usually is fine, especially that it is adjustable.  However, for those with smaller or larger than normal should consider taking measurements and speaking to one of our technicians by contacting us



Choosing Human or Synthetic Hair? 

We suggest synthetic over human when purchasing very short hair styles.  It is more of the fact that since the hair doesn't touch the neck, it won't fray as fast, so that it can last longer.  Synthetic will not last as long as the higher end human hair wigs.  It is fun to buy synthetic wigs since the styles are permanent and it is easy to maintain.  High end human hair wigs are also easy to maintain if you follow our tutorial

Choosing Types of Human Hair.

There are many types and qualities of human hair wigs.  The best wigs are the Russian, European, Brazilian and Italian Wigs.  The Indian and other lower end hair can be mixed, however sometimes for example a wig that is not needed for a long period of time, a full lace wig and various types of extensions, this hair is good enough.  

Pick Your Cap Construction!

 To pick the right cap construction, especially if you never wore a wig is difficult.  We suggest reading this page.  If you need more information on how to choose a specific cap construction that can suit your needs please call us or text us at 514-907-3322 or email us.

Pick Your Colors! 

Colors are not always exactly like the color you had originally, however with synthetic wigs, they have a large variety of colors to choose from and it is important to choose colors that resembled your original color.  Don't be scared to adventure with two tones, balayage and streaks.  We offer all those services, even online :)  You can also pick shades directly from the product page, or if you want custom colors, you can upload a picture of what you are looking for directly on the form below or we can schedule an online consultation



Choosing your length!

Most measurements are done from the crown of the head to wear the hair ends. 

If you want bangs, we will need the measurement of your forehead as well.   So you would have to add that to the notes in the custom form below or contact us to discuss your new fringe.

There you go! You are ready to order.  If you need more help in choosing we offer over the phone help as well as WhatsApp. You can contact us or text us at 514-907-3322