How to choose a High End Wig

When you purchase a wig, there are many details you need to look at. 

Maintain high hair quality

Most important is the hair quality.  When you purchase a wig you want to make sure that the hair quality is high.  What is a high quality wig?  Here are a few pointers: 

1. Make sure the hair isn't highly processed. It is important to know the origin of the hair.  For example Indian hair is often a mixed with other types of hair like synthetic or animal hair.  Also, hair that comes from China, India and other countries that have the majority of dark hair is usually highly processed to become a lighter color such as blondes.  However, Indian and Asian hair are more affordable and can do the trick for people who change their looks often or don't need wigs for long period of times.  The best types of hair are REAL Brazilian, European and Russian.  The reason is the hair isn't usually mixed and it is important to have a guarantee.  Russian is the top hair because there is no processing and you can find almost any colors int he natural state.

2. The cap!  It is important to have a nice cap that is lightweight, natural looking and of course durable.  One of our very famous caps in the high end caps are the Lace Front and Silk Top Wigs.  See video to get an idea of the wigs confection. 

It is also made in Monotop instead of silk top that is also very natural. 

You will love the fact that the High End Exclusive Human Hair Collections allows you to customize the cuts, colors and streaks.  We hope you like your new wig and what is great is that the durability of these wigs are prolonged. 

Happy Shopping!