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Line Toularte

I bought 2 natural human hair wigs from this place about 2 months ago. I was amazed by the service that the team of Order Quality Wigs provided to me. My short history is simple, I don't have cancer, no chemotherapy, I did not want to have my hair color/length/style changed in any matter. I have some hair loss though. I went there for a consultation, the wig maker (Lori Brown, it think) to the time I needed to determine what I really needed. Lori discussed with me and made me try on some wigs. Then we agreed on the color/length/style and I WAS NOT negotiable about this, I wanted a copy/paste of my current hair in a wig. I really did not want to look it as a wig at all or even relatives to think I changed style. I have found an amazing human hair wig (branded RL moda, as shown on my wig). I can certify that the hair (I am referring to the human hair at least) DOES NOT tangle, does not burn when you open the stove and feels very soft and stays on my hair without stressing it could fly off!

Rahel Amar

The owner and wig maker Laurie Brown is charming & professional. She is very encouraging, lifting my spirits from my cancer & hair loss. I love my new look with preciscion and full head of long hair with a silky glossy wig. I had the OQW-575 model (whatever that means), it is simply amazing how natural I look. Thank you again. Rahel Amar

Guy Lachance

Ma femme a acheté une perruque il ya 5 ans de cette société et il a duré jusqu'à maintenant! Nous les avons appelés et nous avons été si heureux d'apprendre qu'ils ont déménagé à Decarie! Si proche donc nous sommes allés et avons obtenu une autre perruque à environ le même prix que nous avons payé il ya 5 ans. Elle l'a coupé sur place par la même femme qui l'a fait il ya 5 ans et elle est heureuse! Honnêtement, un magasin très honnête et fiable. Guy et Anna


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