Types of Caps and tops

To see charts on the different cap constructions for wigs, toppers and toupees scroll to the bottom of the page.

There are few characteristics of a wig that is very important when choosing a wig.  What are they?

1. The quality of the hair, the best being Russian, Non-processed European and then Brazilian.

2. The hairline, this is what makes the wig look natural.  The most natural is the lace front, other types are usually ok when you have a bang covering the netting.

3. The top of the wig can be made in many ways, the best ones are the handmade bases.  They can be mono which is thinner and quite flexible.  The silk top gives the impression that the hair is growing out of a scalp the down side of these are that they are less flexible, thicker and usually flatter.  Good news, we came up with the best of both worlds!  The Easi Flex Silk top!  This gives the look of the skin top but it reacts even more flexible than monotop. 

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Wig Caps

Topper Chart


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