Collection: Top Full

Unearth the magic of complete coverage with RLmoda's Top Full collection. Designed specifically for women experiencing advanced hair thinning or loss, this curated range offers comprehensive solutions that not only address coverage but also exude style, sophistication, and natural beauty.

Each piece in the Top Full collection seamlessly blends with your natural hairline, delivering a full, lush appearance that's virtually undetectable. The handcrafted designs ensure that whether you're at a social gathering or an intimate setting, you'll exude confidence, with every hair in place.

To bolster the natural look and feel, select designs in this collection are infused with RLmoda's innovative SmartLace technology. This meticulous detailing creates an illusion of natural hair growth, further enhancing the seamless integration of the hairpiece with your own hair.

Maintaining the pristine condition, shine, and health of your Top Full hairpiece is crucial for its longevity and appearance. Venture into our expertly curated hair care collection, tailored to ensure your chosen piece retains its luster and vitality over time.

If you're exploring options for varied stages of hair thinning or loss, our Advanced Stage collection is a treasure trove of meticulously crafted pieces catering to diverse needs.