Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"
Top Smart 12"

Top Smart 12"

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One-piece hair topper that blends our signature SmartLace™ lace front with the lightweight comfort of a crown topper. With 6 strategically placed clips, the 9-inch base clips in comfortably and securely. Designed for the advanced stage of hair loss, this lace front topper also features 3 polyurethane tabs to facilitate the use of adhesive if needed. Available in 12" and 18" lengths


  • Color Shown: 12FS8
  • Hair Type: Synthetic
  • Base Dimension: 9" x 9
  • Collection: Toppers
  • Application Method: Tape/Clip
  • Length: 7" - 12""
  • Weight: 2.8 oz
  • Base Design: Lace Front / Single Monofilament

      Synthetic Hair Care


      • Before washing your wig or hairpiece, gently remove any tangles using your Jon Renau Paddle Brush or Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb

      • Wet hair completely using cool running water

      • Gently lather the hair with a small amount of Jon Renau Synthetic Shampoo, making sure that the hair is traveling in the same direction. DO NOT rub hair as this may cause tangling

      • Rinse thoroughly under cool running water until water runs clear

      • Wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat dry

      • Spray with Jon Renau Conditioning Spray (3-5 pumps) keeping away from base of wig or hairpiece. Do not rinse out conditioner

      • Gently detangle hair using your Wide Tooth Comb

      DRY & STYLE

      • Allow wig or hairpiece to air dry naturally by placing on a plastic or wire wig stand. DO NOT blow dry

      • For mid-length to long length styles, apply HD Smooth Detangling Spray, (3-5 pumps) focusing on bottom half of wig or hairpiece. Gently comb through using your Wide Tooth Comb

      • We recommend using your fingertips or wig brush/comb for your desired style

      • To add texture and definition, use a small amount of Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème and apply using fingertips

      • Do NOT use heat to style synthetic fiber (curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers)


      • Be cautious when standing near a heat source (i.e. open oven, heater, etc.) Excessive heat can damage the fiber

      • We recommend using HD Smooth Detangling Spray with a wide tooth comb to detangle your synthetic wig. This is especially important with a mid-length to long length wig or hairpiece

      Top Smart 12"