1522 Tape Straight Strips 3/4"x3",,Perruques RL Moda Wigs Inc..

Tape Straight Strips 3/4"x3" - Transparent

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Straight Strips


1522 Clear is our most popular daily wear tape. It’s known for being gentle on skin. It is an inert tape so nothing can cause a skin reaction, making this tape a great hypoallergenic option. This tape leaves very little residue, making it popular for day-to-day use. The liner and backing are white but the actual tape is clear. Not ideal for mesh units because it has some shine.



Daily Wear (1-7 Days) tapes are for day-to-day use. Great for the customer who removes their unit daily or every few days. They are less gummy or tacky than the other tapes, making them easier to remove.



  • 3/4" x 3" (36 per package)