You Received your New Hair Replacement, Now What?


Congrats!  You just received your new hair replacement piece.  Whether a wig, toupee, topper, hair extensions, there are a few things that you may have to do once you receive it. 

What to do when you receive your new hair replacement ?

There isn't a necessary need to wash it when you receive it, however since it was shipped to you and you may notice that it doesn't sit well on your head you probably don't know what you need to do to make it look right.  

So, here is a suggestion, get a spray bottle filled with water, brush and blow dryer.  (If it is synthetic, do NOT use the blow dryer, unless it is Heat resistant, and then you can use it at a lower setting).  

So next step is to wet the piece with the spray, don't drench it but wet it enough that the hair feels damp and flexible.  Take the brush and place the part of the piece where you want it.  For example if you have a side part, or center, part.  Then brush the rest the way you would want to wear it.  Use the blow dryer to set the piece.  

 Check out our Learning Section, You can get all the information necessary to start wearing your wig with ease!