Some Must Haves for Hair Systems!

Amazingly, you will be surprised to know that many people are already capable of removing and attaching hairpieces by themselves. This kind of hair technique is very popular in most parts of the world. Hair-systems are worn by people with both long and short hair.

It is important that you have the appropriate accessories to use for your hair replacement.

Check out the list below to see if you are on the right track.  Most individuals have issues with their hair-systems that may get dry or tangle; there are special products that can be used to restore the hairpieces to their fruitful appearance. In getting these products, you will save on the cost for a new replacement. Why replace when you can restore? With proper maintenance, your hair-system will look glamorous once more. Ensure that you are always equipped with your glues, tapes and solvents to improve the appearance of your hairpiece.


If you have a toolbox for your hair-system, these products are a must have:

Wig Block or Mannequin Head– these are great for protecting and storing hair-systems, it is a lot easier to style the wig effectively when using this product. T-pins are effective for securing the hairpiece, while it is being styled.  It is also good to get the mannequin stand holder. 

It's important to use the proper shampoo and conditioner for Human Hair and the proper shampoo and conditioner for synthetic.

Leave-in conditioner- Although various types of conditioners can be used to care for the hair-systems, it is best recommended that leave-in conditioners are used, since the silky feeling will be reduced. Some conditioners are enhanced with sunscreen protection that aids in battling hair-system color fading.

Just Rite Positioning Spray - this will prevent instant adhesive stick, so if the hair-system is not properly aligned you are given the opportunity to make the correction, instead of leaving it untidy and unprofessional.

Glue and capillary system

If you do bonding of your hair system, you will need to choose the proper adhesives depending on your needs as well as the proper removers

Satin Pillowcase - the material for the pillowcase at times will entangle with the hairpiece, causing it to lose strands excessively. In using satin pillowcases friction will be reduced.

Knot Sealer - The knots of the hair-system can be weakened by excess product boost, which later will cause disorientation.  Knot Sealers are designed to remedy this issue and reduce hair loss.

A Comb & A Brush – It is very important that the brushes used to groom the hair-systems are not rough, because this will damage the hairpiece excessively and reduce its composure. Combs with wide teeth, brushes and Resins are ideal for maintaining the hair-systems. So if you are interested in styling or retouching, ensure that the right product is used.

These products will aid you greatly in grooming the hair-system as needed to maintain a professional and attractive appeal.