How To Put On A Wig

I want to focus on how to properly put on, place and position a wig. It isn't just like putting on a hat, there are some things you need to focus on.  

The stages of putting on a wig

1. The wig has adjustments so place those before putting on the wig;



2 . Make sure the ear tabs are aligned with your ears;

3. Make sure the front of the wig is 4 fingers above your eye brows to avoid unwanted attention;

4. The back of the wig has to be above the neck muscle.  

Put your hand on the back of your neck and lift your head up and down.  You will feel your muscle moving.  Some people don't have a big gap between the muscle and the base of the head.  This can cause the wig to ride up.  The best ways to keep the wig in place is by using tools like the Grip Bands, Grip band bonnets, tape and if you have hair you can use clips and combs that are usually found inside the wig, (unless you requested the removal of the clips and/or combs)

Once the wig is securely on you are ready to go.  Even if you don't have an issue with the fit and comfort, you can still use tools to keep it on securely.  We suggest the Grip Bands, Grip band bonnets, otherwise the wigs come with clips inside so you can clip them to  your hair. If these options don't interest you, tape is another good option.