Some women find it difficult to choose the first wig that best suits them because they are constantly suffering from hair loss. Therefore, they have many questions in their mind and turn to us for help. But since each person has their own unique problem, it becomes difficult to give them one simple solution. So, here we are providing you a helpful guide that will make it easier for you to choose your first wig.

When choosing a wig, you need to consider the following four aspects:

  1. Activities in your daily life.
  2. Preferred Fibers
  3. Cap Construction
  4. Hair Length.

Activities in your daily life

It is highly recommended that you focus on your lifestyle first before considering the other factors when choosing a wig.

You should ask yourself about your lifestyle, how busy you are in your daily life and how much time you could spend on styling your hair.

For example, if you regularly go to the gym or spend time outdoors, you should consider the amount of time you spend in these places. And if you are a parent or have a job, you should also consider how busy you are with your responsibilities. These are the aspects that would greatly affect your availability to style your new hair.


Preference in Fiber

Your lifestyle is related in one way or another to the fiber that is recommended for you. We offer 3 types of fibers from which you can choose the one that would suit you best.

  1. Human hair
  2. Traditional synthetic
  3. Heat resistant synthetic

In the following table, you can see all the advantages and disadvantages of each fiber. Choose the fiber that best fits your lifestyle by making yourself familiar with each of them. The fiber selection depends on maintenance. So, the choice depends on you, taking into account how much time you can spend on hair fiber maintenance. The human hair fiber requires the most maintenance and the Traditional Synthetic Fiber requires the least.

Traditional Synthetic

·         Minimal Maintenance

·         Less investment than HH

·         Style is permanent

·         Permanent color

·         Can tangle easier

·         Feels warmer than HH

·         Cannot be heat styled

·         Color cannot be altered

Heat Resistant Synthetic (HD)

·         Natural Texture

·         Less investment than HH

·         Multiple styling options

·         Permanent color

·         Can tangle

·         Feels warmer than HH

·         More maintenance than synthetic

·         Color cannot be altered

Human Hair (HH)

·         Most natural look & feel

·         Lasts the longest of all fibers

·         Unlimited styling options

·         Cooler than synthetic fibers

·         Color can be customized

·         Bigger investment

·         Required specific care products

·         Reacts to the environment


Construction of Cap

Now comes the factor of cap construction, which is important in relation to wig styling.

The hair is affected by the cap construction. So, you need to ask yourself the question of what features you would want from your ideal wig.

Listed below are some ideas that can help you get started:

  • Are you interested in styling your hair by pulling it back because you are looking for a realistic hairline look? Or do you like to wear bangs because you don't care about it that much?
  • Is the softness of the cap base material important to you because you have a sensitive scalp?
  • Are you okay with wearing the wig the same way every day? Or are you in favor of changing the part more often?
  • Is the natural look of the hair more important to you? Or do you like more volume at the crown of the wig?

The above factors are all related to the construction of the cap of the wig. We will go into more detail about this later in the blog.

Length of Hair

The final aspect of wig selection is hair length. The hair length should be easy for the wearer of the wig to manage. Longer human hair requires much more time to style. In contrast, the hairstyles of Synthetic Fiber do not require any extra steps to maintain them as compared to Human Hair. Whereas the styles of longer hair from Synthetic Fiber get tangled easily and require combing throughout the day. Therefore, there is a rule of thumb that the shorter the length of the hair, the easier it will be to maintain it.

Recommendations for Style

We have come up with 3 different case scenarios to start the discussion. They are discussed below:

Case 1

For a person who likes to change their hairstyle almost daily, the perfect choice would be the human hair hairstyle with a cap construction, tied by hand, with front lace or a single monofilament.

The reason being,

  • Wig from Human Hair:

The fibers have the most realistic look and feel for the person wearing it.

  • Wig with a front lace:

The natural hairline is ideal for those who prefer to tuck their hair back and away from their face.

  • Top with a single monofilament:

Let’s the wig wearer change the parting at will (in either direction) while keeping the look of the natural hairline intact.

  • Cap - Hand Tied (100%):

The most natural look is achieved by hand-tying each hair to the cap. Consequently, styles with this cap move most naturally.

  • Stretch Section - Hand Tied (100%):

This is what we call "The hug for your head". The stretch section that runs from ear to ear provides maximum comfort as it stretches to fit the person wearing it securely, much like your favorite comfortable leggings.

For such a person, our Gwyneth or Margot wigs would be a great choice.

Case 2

A person with little time and a preference for ready-to-wear styles may look for a synthetic wig with a cap with wefted construction and not pay attention to other important features like lace front.

The reason being,

  • Wig from Synthetic Fiber:

This person may not be ready to fully commit to human hair, for example, they may lack the blow-drying skills necessary to care for human hair fibers; therefore, a synthetic piece will allow them to avoid stressing about care and develop confidence in their hair.

  • Wig with a Wefted Cap Construction:

Using a wefted piece makes the wig breathable and leads to a more comfortable wear.

  • Wig with a Lace front or a single monofilament (optional):

The longevity of a Lace front or a Single monofilament cap is because it has wefts. These weft threads are sewn to the materials of the base and give more confidence to the person wearing the wig.

For such a person, our Mila or Marion wigs would be an excellent choice.

Case 3

Last but not least, for people who have cancer and suffer temporary hair loss due to medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, we recommend short hairstyles. These should be synthetic fibers and either hand tied or have a double mono hand tied cap and lace front.

This is recommended as a person's energy is drained by such medical treatments. Therefore, simpler hair styles like short hairstyles that require less effort in care and maintenance are needed.

In this case, a style like Ignite could be ideal.

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