Wig Guide: Wearing and choosing the right wig for you.


   So many of us have a misconception about wigs. Everyone thinks that people will know that you're wearing a wig and that they can tell because it looks too full and tangles. Yes, this may be true for some wigs out on the market but not all wigs are made the same. Most wigs that give this impression are not high quality wigs and most of the time haven't been serviced by a professional wig specialist. 

Different hair types are available and different grades of qualities as well. A good quality synthetic can look and feel more natural than a ''natural hair wig'' it's all in the workmanship of the cap as well as the fibers used to produce the wig and most importantly the service done after purchase by a professional wig stylist. I will give you some information as well as guidelines to follow in choosing the right wig for you. 


Coming to terms why you need/want to wear a wig:

There are many reasons why you need/want to wear a wig. Hair loss is an extremely difficult situation to come to terms with as a woman. It is normal to feel insecure and scared initially but just know that in time it does get easier. You are not alone! So many women feel completely alone in this situation and the reality is that a lot of women experience hair loss either because of an illness or malnutrition which can also cause skin irritation on the scalp as well. There are many online support groups as well as local wellness centers who offer support and information don't hesitate to explore them. Common causes of hair loss are due to certain medications including chemotherapy, HIV/Aids, hypothyroidism, and iron deficiency as well as cancer or hypothyroidism and the most common of them all is alopecia. Once you have explored your options and decide on what is best for you and your own moral you need to decide and come to terms with how long and how often you will be wearing your wig.


Wigs and their lifespan:

Yes wigs do have a lifespan.  Synthetic wigs can last anywhere between 3 months - 1 year depending on the quality of the synthetic fibers used, as well as how often you will be wearing it.  Synthetic wigs are mostly machine made and can cause irritations to the scalp depending on your situation (ie: chemotherapy treatments leave the skin on the scalp feeling very sensitive) There are solutions for this such as cotton wig liners and caps to wear underneath your wig.  High Quality Synthetic wigs however can last you much longer and look more natural and provide a more comfortable wear if they are handmade and made with softer materials on the inside of the cap. If you are looking or synthetic wigs try to look for fibers like kanekalon and heat resistant synthetics as these tend to look and feel more natural. The cheapest is synthetic hair made from Polyptolene. This type is not flame retardant so it should never be subjected to heat at any time. So keep these guidelines in mind when choosing your synthetic wig.

Human hair wigs are more resistant and their life span tends to be between 1 year to 4 years again depending on the quality and convection of the cap as well as how often and how they're being worn. A full lace wig that is being glued to the scalp every month will not last this long as the wear and tear causes the hair to fall out. A fully handmade cap with either a silk or mono top are usually the best in terms of them looking the most natural and them lasting the longest. The quality of human hair also depicts the life span of the wig. Further down I explain the different qualities of hair  in more detail but a breath description is as follows. Processed human hair will not last as long as virgin human hair. Products that you use on your human hair wig can also diminish the life span of your wig ( shampoos, oils and other styling products depending on the quality of the hair) There are many products that should be used as a monthly regimen such as a knot sealer treatment which will lock the hair knots of the wig in place and will not cause hair to fall out of the wig. Ask these questions to your wig specialist as they should know what are the best products to be used on the wig to ensure it stay looking nice and healthy for the time that you will be wearing it. I also advice to service your wig with a professional for best results and to ensure a long life span of your wig. 



Choosing the right wig:

First and foremost have an idea of your budget in mind and realize that the government has programs and tax reductions depending on your situation. ex: (alopecia and cancer) Once you have established your budget begin researching different wig stores in your area and focus on the different qualities they offer and the services they provide. It's not a good idea to purchase a wig from somewhere if they're unable to provide professional service and after care on your wig. Some places have a full salon for services and a team of experts in making wigs as well. 

Once you have found a place the first consultation have an idea of what style and color you are interested in and try not to change your look too much if you're about to loose your hair because of cancer or alopecia as this will help you to feel comfortable in your wig because you have the sense of looking like yourself. A good wig stylist is able to procreate a human hair wig to look like your own hair and can also assist you in finding the perfect synthetic wig that resembles you. Most important factors to take in mind is the comfort of the fit and the length of the hair being good for your face shape. 




The feeling of: It looks wiggy!: 

After you have chose the right wig for you do not settle for a human hair wig that cannot be cut or styled as told by the professional who is selling it to you. A good quality human hair wig should be adjusted to your size as well as cut/styled on you for best results. There are many services that real wig professionals offer. A few of these services and factors are:

  • Having your cap adjusted from the inside for a perfect fit. All of us have different head shapes and sizes. There all limits to what can be adjusted however most handmade caps are easy to adjust for you by a professional.


  • The most important part of making a wig look natural is the haircut and the way it should fall to compliment your face. It is vital to have a professional who is trained in working with wigs to cut and style your wig for you. I've heard it all before too many times. '' I want to bring it to my hairdresser he/she is really good'' Yes i'm sure they are however this is a wig and not your own hair. The hair does not grow back ( it is not a chia pet) although no one can force you to service your wig at the wig shop you bought it from take in mind that once the wig is taken from the wig salon and brought to your own hairstylist certain warranties are then denied. Wigs are complex and there are certain rules and guidelines that are different compared to a normal haircut. Work with your Wig Stylist to achieve the look you want. It is not uncommon to start by an initial cut and living with it for a week or two and coming back for an additional cut and adjustment after you can assess what is bothering you about the wig than to cut everything all at once. 


  • The cap and construction of the wig  will have a lot to do with how natural it will look on your head. A full handmade wig is the most natural it is lightweight and is multi directional meaning it can be parted how you like and can be styled back or forward depending on your preference. Machine made caps can be natural looking as well depending on the way the top of the wig is made. Most machine made caps offer a multi directional top part as well as a lace front for an even more natural look. A wig that is fully machine made is a lot harder to work with in achieving that natural hairline look as it is thicker in material and cannot be parted any different than how it is. Look for these keywords: Lace front, handmade, multi directional top part. 


  • Finally the quality of the hair is the most important factor when wanting your wig to look and feel very natural. The qualities of hair offered are endless. The most common qualities found in wig shops are: Natural Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair and European Hair. Some shops offer even higher quality wigs like Virgin European Hair or Virgin Russian Hair which are the best of the best. Reason being because these wigs are not made with processed hair, they're strong and the cuticles are aligned and the wig life is a lot longer than other wigs that have been processed by a series of different methods before entering the shop. Processed hair can mean a variety of different things such as the color was changed or the length of the hair was stretched out (this causes breakage). Common hair qualities that are over processed are Indian and Chinese hair, not to say that other hair qualities aren't processed but its the methods of these specific hair qualities that cause breakage and their look and feel are not as up to par as other hair qualities.  


Wear your wig with confidence!: 

So you chose your wig, you got it styled, cut and adjusted specifically for you now it is time to rock it with confidence! I strongly suggest taking baby steps. Wear your wig around the house, show it off to family and friends that understand and know about your situation and finally bring her out on the town! Start by wearing it while running your usual errands like at the grocery store etc, get comfortable with it. This will also allow you to assess what you love about the wig and what needs to be adjusted if anything. We all have the insecurity in our heads that people will notice that we are wearing one, most of the time they will think you have changed your hair color/style and honestly if you look in the mirror and like what you see and how it makes you feel that is what is most important. Looking and feeling good about ourselves has a huge effect on our body, mind and spirit. As simple as it may seem to others finally having hair on your head to boost your moral can make a world of difference while you continue to cope with whatever it is that you are going through. 


Sending you readers positive vibes and wishing you all love,health and happiness. 


Daniella Pisciuneri

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