What to do when the wig is too big?

Have you fallen in love with a gorgeous wig, only to find it's a tad too large for your head? Don't fret! You can still make that dream wig yours and wear it with confidence. Wearing an oversized wig can be uncomfortable and, even worse, risky. A loose-fitting wig is prone to slipping off at the most inconvenient moments, causing potential embarrassment in public. But fear not, there are solutions and accessories that can help you confidently rock that oversized wig without worrying about it slipping or falling off.


Securing Your Wig: Effective Methods to Prevent Wig Slippage and Falling

This accessory allows to fix the hair. Indeed, the wig clamp adapts most of the time to body movements. This way, it keeps the hair extension in place. If you don't have a wig band, you can use elastic bands. These bands are used to distribute the wig evenly on the head. This way, no matter how big the wig is, it won't slip off.

The wig band is a very comfortable accessory. You won't feel uncomfortable wearing it. All you have to do is determine the measurement between your two ears. You need to keep the whole thing tight to get the right length and elasticity.


Using a wig cap

If your acquired hairpiece is too big for you, you will inevitably need to use a wig cap. This accessory is most of the time, perfect to keep a big hair extension in place. It also prevents your own hair from breaking due to the incessant rubbing caused by the hair prosthesis.

It should also be noted that wig caps also serve as a protective barrier between the scalp and the hair. They do all this while keeping the whole thing in place.


Use a sheet of silicone solution

It is perfect to fix too large loose hair prosthesis. Indeed, the silicone solution sheet is mostly sold with an invisible wire. The size and shape of the latter can be customized.

You can insert this sheet in your wig cap. This makes it easier to integrate into the wig. The silicone sheet gives a soft suction that allows to fix perfectly the hair at the desired point.


Use the wig tape

If your beautiful wig is bigger than your head, you can use the wig tape to fix it. This will be even more useful if your head is completely bald due to hair loss. The wig tape is usually attached to the underside of the hairpiece. This helps to create a fairly comfortable and more reassuring bond on the scalp.

Compared to wig glue, this accessory is much more suitable for the scalp. In fact, the wig tape is not irritating. It is perfect for women with a sensitive scalp. Moreover, this accessory has very little residue. Therefore, you won't have trouble cleaning your hair prosthesis. In addition, the ribbon allows the wig to have a more natural look when you put it on.

The other feature of the wig ribbon is its versatility. In fact, you can wear it every day, no matter what kind of oil is applied. Even the harsh weather conditions do not affect its usefulness. You can customize this ribbon by cutting it yourself according to the dimensions of your choice. It is also possible to buy pre-cut strips of different lengths and use them.


Using wig clips

These accessories are also effective in securing an oversized hair prosthesis. However, wig clips are mostly only useful if the user has hair below the hair extension. Furthermore, one should not wear a wig cap and hope to use these clips correctly.

It is not at all difficult to use wig clips. You can use them to secure a hair prosthesis that you wear at all times. Inexpensive, they are available on the market in several designs, colors and sizes that go well with all kinds of wig looks.


Sew the hair

To tighten a too large lace hair prosthesis, you can sew the hair. You'll just need a needle and thread to secure the loose cap. Do it carefully behind your left ear. Continue sewing around the wig cap to your right ear.

To make sure the wig is secure, go around the cap at least twice. Once it is finished, tighten the hair prosthesis around the cap by pulling on the wire. Once the hair is in the desired position, remove it to secure the knots. Finish the last stitch.


Clever Solutions for Wig Security: Your Questions Answered

What causes a wig to slip or fall off, and why is it important to address this issue?

A wig may slip or fall off due to various factors, including its size, the texture of your natural hair, or environmental conditions like heat and humidity. It's crucial to address this issue to avoid embarrassing moments and maintain your desired look.

Are there different types of wig grips or bands available to help secure a loose-fitting wig?

Yes, there are various wig grips and bands designed to keep your wig in place. Some popular options include wig bands, adjustable straps, and elastic bands. These accessories provide added security and comfort while wearing your wig.

How do I choose the right wig grip or band for my specific wig and head size?

Selecting the right wig grip or band depends on factors like the wig's construction and your head size. Look for adjustable options that can accommodate different wig sizes and head circumferences. Reading product reviews and seeking recommendations can also be helpful.

Can I use natural remedies or DIY solutions to prevent my wig from falling off?

Yes, there are natural remedies and DIY solutions you can try to secure your wig. Some people use double-sided wig tape, bobby pins, or even hairpins strategically placed under the wig to keep it secure. However, it's essential to test these methods for comfort and effectiveness before relying on them for extended periods.

Q5: Are there any hairstyling or wig placement tips that can help improve wig stability?

Proper wig placement and hairstyling techniques can enhance wig stability. Ensure your natural hair is flat and well-groomed beneath the wig. Additionally, consider using wig-friendly hair products that provide extra grip and prevent slipping. Styling your wig in a way that distributes its weight evenly can also help keep it in place throughout the day.

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