Tips for styling and maintaining your hair prosthesis

Acquiring a hair prosthesis is a significant investment. This wig can be natural or synthetic. In any case, the prosthesis has become an accessory that is used daily by many people. For these different reasons, it is essential to maintain it. However, maintenance must be done according to certain rules. Discover here our tips for doing so.


The importance of maintaining your wig 

Hair prothesis

It is essential to properly clean your quality wig at least after 15 successive uses. You should also have it treated at a clinic on a quarterly basis. Maintenance must be done thoroughly.

The use of recommended and good quality products allows the hair prosthesis to keep its shine and thus its beauty for a long time.


The products to use 

To clean your Canada wig, avoid using hair products that you use for your real hair. The reason is that these hair prostheses and standard hair do not respond to the same type of treatment.

Applying hair products for standard hair to wigs makes the wigs a pain to style. They will no longer feel soft to the touch. By doing so, you would have accelerated the degradation of your hair prostheses. RL Moda offers excellent cleaning products for all types of hair prostheses in its Montreal wig store. You may want to try our women's turban and our best wigs.

The type of products to use depends on the type of hair fiber. The fact that natural and synthetic wigs do not have the same structure. Therefore, their needs are different. Indeed, you do not need to style your synthetic hair prosthesis. It deteriorates when exposed to heat.

How is the synthetic hair prosthesis washed?

Start by brushing your delicate synthetic Montreal wig. This will allow you to detangle it and remove any hairspray debris. If your hairpiece has tight curls, avoid using a brush to style it. Use your fingers instead to detangle that lacy wig.
Get a shampoo specially made for hair prostheses. Mix it with cold water. Mixing should be done exclusively in the sink. If there is no sink, use a bowl. Then, dip the synthetic Italian hair in the mixture obtained so that it is completely covered with it. Let it sit in the liquid for a number of minutes.

After a few minutes, empty the sink or the bowl. Rinse the denture thoroughly so that there is no trace of the cleaner. Do this from the inside out. This is important. Use a towel to wrap the synthetic wig. To soak the towel with the water left in the Toronto wig, gently tap the towel around the wig. Avoid rubbing the hair against the towel or against each other.

Once the hairpiece is relatively free of water, air dry it. This can take overnight.
While you brush the washed and dried wig with one hand, pull the hair with the other. You can use your fingers if necessary. This technique prevents knots from forming. Better yet, the fiber will automatically return to its original position.
It is not recommended to expose the wig to heat. Do not use a blow dryer to dry the hair prosthesis. To prevent knots and frizz from forming, use a detangler specially designed for the quality of your hair prosthesis on a daily basis. This is also a way to have a shiny hairpiece.


How is the washing of natural hair prostheses done?

washing wigs

Use your fingers to detangle the natural hair in-line wig. Make a mixture of warm water and shampoo in a bowl. Soak the natural hair prosthesis in this water for at least 10 minutes.

Replace the warm water and shampoo mixture with another one. Start by combing the hair with your fingers. This will help to remove any dirt on the strands. Then use a large comb with conditioner to soften. Detangle the hair.

Rinse the hairpiece thoroughly with cold water. Apply a natural hair care product to the wig. After letting it sit for a few minutes, rinse again.

With the shampoo and other hair care products used, your natural wig will look great again. The fact is that these products contain revitalizing proteins that restore the hair's balance and provide long-lasting moisture. If they are of recommended quality, these products strengthen the resistance of this natural hair against various attacks.

Remove excess water from the wig with a towel. Follow the same instructions as in the previous case. Once the water has been absorbed, place the hair prosthesis on a mannequin. Then, style it and use a blow dryer to style it. You can use a curling iron to give your natural wig the look you like.


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