Preventing Wigs from flying at Amusement Parks

Everybody loves going to amusement parks to enjoy the summers. People can relish their favorite treats or take thrilling rides to up the level of excitement. However, if you have a wig on, it might be difficult to spend a day with it in an amusement park if you wish to get on rides like the roller coaster. You’d be asking yourself questions like what were you going to do if your wig came off while taking a ride or what would happen to your wig style from all the sweat and heat? Well, you needn’t go any further when we have the best tips for you right here! 

Tips to prevent your wigs from flying and maintain your hairstyles

Proper wig placement:

  • Make sure your scalp isn't as oily before you wear your wig. You can apply astringent on your scalp to make sure it isn't oily. It also helps the wig tape to stay as sticky as it is and hold the wig tightly.
  • Use a tape, like the lace front tape, or adhesive, for example, the It Stays roll-on adhesive for wigs. The lace front tape doesn't let the wig budge so that you can even go on rides which will take you upside down.
  • If you're using a wig tape, place the wig tape on the top at the front of the hairline, i.e. from where your hairline starts, and above your ears on the temples.
  • For keeping your hair detangled, brush your hair frequently throughout the day. You can use a paddle brush for your natural hair and a wide-tooth comb for synthetic wig hair. Alternatively, you could spray your hair with a detangling spray.
  • You may need to change the wig tape if you sweat more. For this, have extra wig tape in case you need to apply it.
  • You can wear an older wig while going out instead of a new or expensive one so that you don't get too worried in case it gets damaged.

Types of wigs and styles you can try:

  • The best wig or topper to go with would be one that is light in weight and not with too much length. It has great benefits; like you wouldn’t have to worry about your hair getting entangled or the wig getting frizzy while you are enjoying your rides or doing something else.
  • You can wear a short wig that is pinned up in the front so the hair doesn’t get in your face. You can also use headbands if you are in the mood and it’ll keep your hair out of the way too. 
  • If you want some length in your style, you can go with a medium-length wig.
  • You can also try different styles with your hair that so that your wig or topper stays in place. For wigs or toppers with some length, you can do a braid or ponytail. It’ll help stay the hair in place and they wouldn’t flip around you on rides as well.
  • You can also merge your topper or wig hair with your natural hair through styles like braiding the bangs or a pony.
  • In weather conditions that are humid or damp/rainy, go with a synthetic wig which will keep the heat and frizz from affecting it.

These are helpful tips that will surely take your mind off of worrying about your wig or topper flying off and you’ll certainly have exiting rides and fun on your day out

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