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Wig wearing has become a trend in Montreal for perfect hair extension. And it should be noted that this fashion accessory exists in different categories. In fact, you know that most people prefer to set their sights on the machine-made wig for one reason or another. In any case, whatever your motives, it is essential to have certain information about this beauty article. As a professional wig company, RL Moda gives you more insight into machine made hair wigs.


Chinese hair for wigs and hairpieces: a significant source

In China, the raw material for making wigs and hairpieces is the bags of long black hair. This material is the most used by large manufacturing companies. The latter sort, use colors to have wigs and hairpieces in several forms. The end of the process is nothing more than exporting to other continents.

In the Chinese market, there are several sellers of this raw material. And to have a quality product, it is not only necessary to be present on the market a little earlier, but also, it is fundamental to know how to bargain. The raw material sometimes comes from countries close to China, as the demand becomes higher and higher. Wigs were not made by machine. At first, once the natural hair is collected, it is put together by hand. But with the evolution of the industry, factories have turned to using machines to have wigs.

A long process is observed to have the final product. In fact, as soon as the hair arrives on the factory premises, there needs to be a phase of disinfecting the collected hair. This is done in giant barrels with appropriate products. Then, this "black gold" is boiled and subjected to tints of various colors. Finally, the last step is to dry them in the oven, brush them carefully and put them together.


How are natural and synthetic hair wigs made?

Manufacturing plants market several categories of hair: there is synthetic hair, natural hair, and a mixture of the two. Discover the origins of her hair below.


Natural hair

The origin of natural hair is diverse and its price changes according to several criteria. The most common in this area are hair of Indian origin. This is because Indian hair has a texture that resembles that of western hair. In recent years, hair from China has been increasingly present on the market. However, it should be noted that Chinese hair does need some care. For this, it will be necessary to use appropriate beauty products. To find good quality hair, you have to travel to Eastern Europe. Remember that you can use these natural wigs to make long curly hair or straight curly hair. To do so, go to an organic beauty institute like RL Moda. Once there, you have other choices like coloring curly hair or coloring curly hair.

Semi-natural wigs

Semi-natural wigs are made from both natural and synthetic hair. Each manufacturer is free to choose the percentage rate for its composition. Women who like long curly hair can do it in a beauty salon too. However, it should be noted that semi-natural wigs do not require a lot of maintenance. You can do some smoothing a few times.


Synthetic hair

This hair is the most used by women. The main reason is that they are cheaper on the market. The fibers used for their composition are made in factories. Over time, synthetic hair has become more and more difficult to recognize, thanks to the advancement of technology. Before, it was very easy to recognize synthetic hair just by touch and sight.

However, it should be noted that this type of hair returns to its original shape when you try to wash it. Therefore, regardless of whether the hair is a frizzy curly hair, once it is washed it will return to its frizzy curly shape. But, note that it is not recommended to use a heating device such as a straightener or a hair dryer. If you use these devices, you risk damaging the hair. Come see us for more advice in this area. We have many years of experience to put at your entire disposal.


Everything you need to know about making wigs

As mentioned above, wigs are made with natural hair or with synthetic hair. It should be noted that natural wigs can be recognized by their original coloring, their texture and their luminosity, which always remain the same.

However, it should be noted that the manufacture of wigs takes into account the condition and health of the hair. Therefore, in order to have a quality natural wig, one must make use of quality hair. Likewise, in order to have a better quality wig compared to others, it is important that the type of hair used is up to par. In other words, the higher the quality of the hair, the more the wig will look like normal hair.

Either way, you need RL Moda to have a hair extension that looks like you from A to Z.

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