Indian hair

The wig market presents several types of hair namely Brazilian, Indian, Russian and European hair. But Indian hair turns out to be the most adopted by consumers. Indeed, with an annual turnover of 140 million euros and an estimated annual export of 500 tons, India has taken a monopoly on the wig market. As a result, Indian hair is present in most of the shops of wig suppliers like RL Moda. This is the place to learn about Indian hair wigs.


Indian hair for high-ends wigs.

Indian hair is typically natural hair and stands out as the best quality on the market. Unlike synthetic strands which can sometimes tire you out, Indian hair feels great.

Indian hairstyles are offered by several American and European brands because of their quality. These are strands of human hair that have not been processed and mixed. They are natural, soft and very silky. RL Moda company offers several varieties of Indian hair in the market. In our shelves you will see long curly Indian hair, curly colored Indian hair or Indian hair wigs.

In addition, Indian hair has its own characteristics that allow it to be quickly distinguished from other hair ranges.


The characteristics of Indian hair

Indian hair has special features that only identify their rating with consumers. It is sturdy and light hair that gives you several styles to choose from. So, with this kind of hair that we offer, you can straighten, blow-dry or color.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of beautiful curls, Indian hair is not recommended for you because of its smooth, wavy or wispy feature. Finally, if you have chosen to adopt our Indian hair, you must maintain it well. Otherwise you will end up in great discomfort.


Indian hair care mode

The Indian hair that we offer in our hair wig catalog requires a light maintenance on your part. So, to fully enjoy the softness of our Indian hair, you must apply a maintenance mode that will maintain its quality. Therefore, we advise you to use a mild shampoo to maintain them.

Afterwards, use great care while you rinse them and, above all, do not forget to untangle them. Finally, dry your Indian hair either with natural air or by using a hair dryer. You can also choose to use a hair straightener or a curling iron if necessary after you finish drying them.

The source of indian hair for wig

The locks of Indian hair that we put at your disposal have the particularity of being essentially human. It is hair that comes from offerings offered by believers to their deities.

Indeed, many Indian women offer their hair to deities such as Vishnu, Shiva or Murugan in the hope of having a good lifestyle. Thus, millions of people from all social strata go to Indian temples to offer their hair. These include people who have various problems and through this gesture implore the mercy of these deities.

This hair is cut with care by thousands of hairdressers and is carefully stored. In addition, they are auctioned. These auctions are usually held in the period from January to May. Several tons of Indian hair are found on the market, as this auction takes place in the thousands of temples in India.

As a result of this auction, this hair ends up in production plants to be cut and conditioned. After conditioning, the transformation step follows and it is through this process that we find this Indian hair in the form of a wig or in extension. At the end of this long process, they are exported from India to several countries around the world, especially European countries.


Buying Indian Hair

Indian hair has gained a lot of notoriety in the strand market nowadays. Many women are flocking to its natural beauty products because they adapt to all hair types. So whether you have afro, frizzy or curly hair, you can go for natural Indian strands. The qualities of Indian hair have made it widely available in the market today. At RL Moda, we offer you very good quality Indian wicks, whatever quantity you want. We also put our many years of experience in this area at your disposal. So do not hesitate to contact us to have this kind of hairstyle for your pleasure.

In organic beauty institutes, you can find our products for designing and modifying wigs such as Indian hair. Moreover, if you do not live in Montreal, but want to buy this hair from India, you can consult our catalog available in our online store to make your choice. We will inform you about the formalities to be completed to be satisfied.

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