How to Purchase a Synthetic Wig Online

When you want to purchase a synthetic wig online, it could be a challenge.  Here are a few tips on how to purchase the wig online.

First you need to choose a style of wig that you want.  Of course, you probably want to find something that resembled your hair before you needed the wig.  Remember the wig cannot look 100% like your hair, but try to find something similar that can be potentially adjusted to the cut you would like.

Color is a difficult choice sometimes online.  Depending on your screen you can have a different shade then what the wig really looks like.  Don't be too picky when choosing colors, try to find something that you like even if it isn't exactly the right color, you can live with.

Your head size is important, because you want to be as close to head measurement as possible. There are usually 6 measurements, but the most important is the circumference.  It will be the measurement that helps you the most in deciding the size of your wig.  Remember that most wigs have adjustments inside that can allow you to tighten or loosen the wig as needed.  Here are approximately the measurements and what they correspond to.  Every company is slightly different but this is good guideline.  20.0-21.0 inches (x-small), 21.0-22.0 inches (small), 22.00-23.00 inches (medium), 23.00-24.00 inches (large), 24.00-25 inches (x-large)

Remember that you can always get the wig adjusted at a specialist or sometimes hairdressers are comfortable doing adjustments to the cut.

To purchase a synthetic wig online go to our Synthetic Collection 

 At the end of the day, have fun with your new look!  It's not the wig that defines you, you define the wig!

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