How to choose your wig?

Wigs have become in recent years, a fashion accessory widely used in the world. It allows people to change their hairstyle on a daily basis. However, it is often difficult to choose the ideal wig, since there is a wide range of this product. Fortunately, you can count on the help of wig sales companies that will help you make the best possible choice. At RL Moda, for example, we provide you with sustained and personalized guidance in order to find the wig that best suits your figure and your desires.

The different types of wigs

type of wigs

Before making your choice, it is important to know that there are two categories of wigs:


  • Synthetic wigs: These are light wigs, very comfortable and not expensive. They offer a wide variety of colors. As for maintenance, they always keep their looks and can be worn immediately after washing. You will have the chance to find these types of wigs in companies specialized in hair prosthesis in Montreal.
  • Natural wigs: Also known as human hair wigs, natural wigs are high-end products. Unlike synthetic wigs, which have an affordable price, they require serious maintenance with high quality products or accessories. As an advantage, they can be colored, straightened and even cut according to your needs. If you are looking for natural wigs in Montreal, you can contact an agency like RL Moda.


Choosing the right wig for your first time 

It is often difficult to find the right wig if you have never bought one before. But to make the right choice, there are certain criteria to consider.


Where and when to wear your wig

You have been invited to a party and you want to wear a hairpiece. We advise you to wear a discreet wig so as not to be noticed. Indeed, choosing your wig depends on the place and the event during which you want to show yourself different.

Regarding the hours of wear, we recommend you to use light wigs if you have hair concerns that require you to wear them all the time. To avoid perspiration problems, use natural wigs. In winter or summer, comfort is important when choosing a wig to wear all day.

The budget you have to pay for your wig

You need to know how much you are willing to pay for your wig. There are good quality wigs at reasonable prices that will work for you. But if you want to spend a lot on this item, then there is no problem. It really depends on your budget.

The length, color and style of your wig

Now it's time for you to choose the wig you want to pay for. For this, you need to consider its length, color and style.

If you have a face with an oval shape, you can wear long and short wigs. But people with a round face should rather opt for wigs with longer hair on both sides or with more volume on the top of the head. For those with a long face, we recommend curls that will soften your lines.

Regarding the color of your wig, you have the choice between the different varieties that exist. It must be adapted to your complexion in order to make you more beautiful. But you should know that for natural wigs, there are only the original hair colors unlike synthetic wigs that are available in several colors.

The type of wig's frame

wig's frame

The mounting is a more or less thin fabric inside a wig. It plays a major role in the quality and comfort of your hair. It is therefore important to choose the types of mounts that exist, their advantages and the different ways to combine them. However, if you don't have any knowledge in this field, it is very important to choose a company that really knows about it, like RL Moda.

In conclusion, if you live in Montreal, you can visit our company RL Moda which specializes in the sale and modification of high quality wigs. We also have wig accessories, men's and women's wigs, hair prosthesis and lace wigs. For natural kinky wig lovers, check out only our natural wig site. With our unparalleled customer service, we are available to listen to you to find the right solutions that will suit you best.

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