How to choose the size of your wig ?

Often, when a person wants to buy a wig, they only consider the color and design. However, size is also a fundamental point. Unfortunately, very few people are able to determine the right wig size for their heads. Here RL Moda shows you how to do it.


Take the measurement of the head circumference

Choosing a wig based on size allows you to have a good comfort when wearing it. Indeed, if you have a wig smaller than your head, you may suffer from headaches, irritations, etc., in short, discomforts. And in the opposite case, when it is too big for your head, you will feel uncomfortable with the constant fear that it will fall off your head.

To avoid such inconveniences, you must take care to choose the hair extension that perfectly suits your head. It all starts with measuring the circumference of your head as follows:


  • Take a tape measure;
  • Grab it by the base;
  • Place it in the center of your head and more precisely at the base of the roots;
  • Go around your scalp (the tape measure should go around the back of your ears and around your skull);
  • Pinch the tape measure at the junction of its two ends and hold it very firmly.

Now you know your head size. And it's unlikely to really change over time since you're an adult. Now that you know your head size, use it to find your wig size. In the hairpiece market, you can find the following sizes:

Size class
Little tricks of the head Between 52 and 54 cm
Common skull turns Between 52 and 54 cm
 More flared craniums Between 58 and 60 cm


For each model of wig, there is the possibility of adjusting the size. To do this, you will have to use elastic bands. These are placed inside the hair prosthesis. They are scratch bands that do the job well.

Choosing the right wig length

It is not enough to choose the size of the hair prosthesis to feel comfortable with it. You also have to choose the length of the hair. Depending on your style, you will want to choose a short, semi-long or long hair extension. Either way, you should make the choice based on your face shape.

However, you are the one who wears your hair extension for your own personal reasons. It may be to camouflage your hair loss. If you are in the mood for a wig cut, treat yourself. It may not fit your face shape, but it will make you feel beautiful and desired.

The choice should be yours. However, if you usually wear a square wig and you want to replace it with a long one, you should go for a transitional model.
RL Moda offers you the opportunity to wear one of its semi-long models for a while. These styles will allow you to make a smooth transition from a square style to a long style. A sudden change in cut may make you feel self-conscious about your new look. Browse our entire store to choose the right cut. Don't be impulsive. You can consult our blog for more advice or write us directly via our contact form.

Why choose RL Moda wigs?

You should choose our wigs for one main reason: they are of high quality. In fact, as a Quebec-based company, we are experts in the trade of hair prostheses of all kinds. Our main objective is your complete satisfaction.

Whether it is for medical reasons (hair loss) or just to feel beautiful, you will undoubtedly find at RL Moda the hair extension that suits you best. In fact, we sell :

  • Italian natural hair ;
  • Russian natural hair ;
  • high end wigs ;
  • lace wigs ;
  • natural wigs ;
  • toupees ;
  • wavy lace wigs ;
  • etc.


Also, the major wig brands are available here. In order to keep you satisfied, RL Moda has an outstanding customer service team. We take care to listen to you in order to guide you towards the best choice of wig size among the diversity of our products. 


To learn more about the different wigs companies, we invite you to consult the catalog:

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