How to choose the density of your wig ?

Like many people, you've probably heard things about the density of a wig.
density of a wig. Indeed, this is an element that must be taken into account when choosing a hair prosthesis. However, it is essential to know how to take it into account when buying this fashion accessory. Here is how to proceed.


Density of a wig: what is it?

hair density

It corresponds to the quantity of hair arranged to obtain a wig model. The
wigs for humans have a normal density of 100%. This value is an average
of the amount of hair found on the head of an adult who does not suffer from hair loss.


The density of hair or wig varies from 80% to 300%. It depends on the wig, but also the desired styles. The most commonly used models of hair prostheses have a density of 120 %.

In humans, hair density varies by gender. In fact, women generally have
more hair than men. This hair density evolves throughout the life of a man or a woman.

man's and woman's lives. You will notice that your hair tends to thin out
as you get older. This is because the thickness of your hair decreases.
In addition, the consistency of hair also varies with hair color. The
most brunettes and those with brown hair have less hair volume than blondes.
than blond people. As for redheads, they have the least hair density.
hair density.


Choice of the capillary prosthesis according to the concentration

The choice of density of your wig will depend on how it will look on your head. So, here are the criteria for choosing the right density for your style,
here are the criteria for choosing this compactness according to your style.

Low percentage, low density

The density of wigs is mentioned in percentage. The lower this value is, the less the hair prosthesis is voluminous. On the packaging of the wig models displayed on the shelves, you will see this on the shelves, you will see this percentage. In RL Moda's store this information is mentioned on the product sheet of each wig.

A standard hair extension has a density of about 130%. However, you will
However, you will find hair prostheses that are more or less voluminous than this. The following table shows the thickness of the wigs available from us.


Densities Percentages
Very low 50% to 90%.
Low 100% to 110%
Medium 120% to 130%
Medium to high 150%
 High 180 % to 200 %


Low density for maximum comfort

girl hair density
For a person looking for lightness and comfort, low-density hair prostheses are the best choice. Indeed, such models do not really weigh. This is not the case with the case with medium to heavy models. The more a wig weighs, the more it could be uncomfortable for the person wearing it. It is also the ideal model of hair prosthesis for seniors for seniors, as they have lost most of their natural hair density. It allows to give volume to their hairstyle.

Low to medium density for a natural style

If you don't want people to easily guess that you have worn a wig, then
prefer those with concentrations between 100% and 150%. These hair prostheses prosthetic hair looks more natural. They look more like natural hair. This is also the range of wigs that are suitable for everyday use, not occasional use. It is also also the ideal choice for someone with an average volume of natural hair.

However, if a person's hair is very voluminous by nature, it is preferable that the density of the wig be density of the wig is important. It will then look as natural as usual. By brushing your wig, you will lose hair fibers. This will also be the case when This will also be the case when washing the hair prosthesis. To anticipate this, it is best to choose a density of 100 to 130% density of your wig, which is available in several cuts at RL Moda. This way, you will use your wig for a long time.


Medium to high for a glam style

If you have a very feminine glam style, then you will certainly like the medium to high volume wigs. Such styles are perfect over an evening dress. You can also put them on a on a ball gown. Of course, you will not look very natural, but with
makeup and glamorous clothes, your look will be perfect. Let us specify that this model very present on RL Moda is usually for curly hair.


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