How do you secure a full lace wig ?

Have you just purchased the latest model of full lace wigs, also called Lace Wig? Securing this beauty accessory properly so that it retains its quality, design and shine is no small task.

Indeed, temperature constraints can affect the appearance of lace wigs, especially the freezing cold of winter. But with a few expert tips at your fingertips, protecting your hair accessory is easy. Here's how you can get to take proper care of it.

Protect your lace wig with frequent care

Accessories for cleaning wigs

Just as you treat your natural hair to keep and preserve its vitality, you should take care of your wigs accessory. The first effective solution to keep your gadget always glowing and useful is akin to hair care, preferably natural.

Why favor natural products over a full lace wig?

The reason is very simple. For a real hair hairpiece, regeneration of hair cells is impossible. The hair is no longer attached to the skull, so you must feed it, and avoid products with a strong artificial composition which can attack it. On the other hand, for a synthetic hair prosthesis, these oils and lotions may be suitable. Just choose them carefully.

What are the natural products to use and how to apply them?

Give your full lace wig strengthening and revitalizing care. These are the ones that particularly contain keratin, proteins and ceramide. In a simple way, get products made from vegetable oils, such as argan or olive oil, or from shea butter.

For the active ingredients in these solutions to work effectively, do not hesitate to gently massage the strands of your human wig in circular motions.

Using shampoo for your Full Lace Wig

The treatment of your medical or casual wig should be as, if not sharper, than that of the hair hair. For this purpose, washing with shampoo is essential to rid it of all impurities from nature.

Montreal wigs will be particularly very sensitive to the cold and also to the too aggressive summer sun. You will therefore benefit from composing your own disinfectant solution yourself by using the gentle products indicated for these accessories. In addition, after rinsing with lukewarm water, do not forget to run in cold running water for about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Make suitable adjustments to properly secure your full lace wig

The dimensions of your full lace wig may not be right for you, to the point where you will want to change its wig measurement. Don't worry, the possibilities are quite wide. But you have to choose the one that is best suited to your situation.

The accessories to use to adjust your oversized wig

You will find an array of accessories that will allow you to secure your large natural or synthetic kinky wig to your head. First, you can opt for a wig clip with elastic bands. It helps to distribute the full lace wig evenly, and to keep it in place.

Next to it you have the wig cap or beanie, ideal for making a custom-made wide wig and preventing natural hair from breaking due to friction. You can also go for the wig tape. Better than glue, it attaches to the inside of the prosthesis.

Other means include silicone solution sheet and tweezers. The former, usually accompanied by a discreet thread, is suitable for wigs that are too loose. The second is best used without a cap and by those who have enough hair on their scalp. For a short natural wig, recommend the most discreet solution.

Sewing as a fitting solution for a full lace wig

Sewing the hair is another effective way to achieve a lace wig that can stay in place in any situation. The female hair prosthesis price to utility ratio is thus high.

However, remember to leave the care of this operation in the hands of a professional. Otherwise, do not miss to search the web for good tips for an aesthetic and trendy full lace wig.

Secure your lace wig by placing it methodically

Safeguarding the quality of your real lace wig is also about the way it is placed. Beforehand, you must clean your hair and your skin with antiseptic. The goal is to prevent the microbes present from reaching the hair of the prosthesis.

Then, for a uniform and natural rendering, be sure to bring your hair flora to the same level by making a few plaits or by using a wig cap. Then apply a moisturizer to avoid potential irritation. Finally, don't forget to revitalize your full lace wig before and after putting it on.

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