Handmade Wig (Lace Front Handmade Silk / Mono Top)

If you want to renew your hairstyle or hide your hair loss, the wig is the best solution. In addition to helping you hide the flaws in your hair, this accessory can further enhance your hair. At RL Moda, you can find natural wigs hand-woven by professionals. With our company, you will benefit from a varied range of this completely original and aesthetic product. To learn more about handmade wigs, read this article.

What is the handmade wig?

A hand-made wig is a set of hair made by hand. It is hair tied together by a wig maker or wig maker. The latter does a meticulous job using his hand from start to finish. When it comes to hand-woven wigs, it should be understood that at no point in the design of this accessory was there the intervention of a machine.

One of the advantages of handmade hair is its exceptional quality. Indeed, during their design, delicacy and finesse are involved. This is what gives a good result in the end. This tailoring technique is much better than using machines. On the other hand, woven wigs look like natural hair, which works in favor of the people who wear them.

Truth be told, if you put on this accessory, it would be impossible to tell if it is a wig or not, if it is worn properly. In addition, the hair of a handmade wig is exactly like normal hair. This is because they can move easily because they are aligned in the normal order of hair growth. However, it should be noted that the maintenance of this accessory is not the same as for others. This requires special precautions, namely:

  • Regularly brush the hair;
  • Avoid entangling hair fibers;
  • Use suitable products to clean the wig, etc.


Custom wigs

It is possible to have custom wigs. Just contact a professional like RL Moda. We guarantee customers handmade hair that matches every one of them. The staff are experienced and capable of making wigs that will go with your hair treatment. To do their job, our professionals will first make a mold of your hair treatment. This will allow them to make custom woven wigs that will fit your head.

In addition, they will take into account your color, your style as well as the reflections, to make you a completely aesthetic personalized wig. In addition, we give you the choice between the different categories of handmade wigs that we have. You can therefore choose between the custom-made long-range wig or the custom-made retractable wig.

It all depends on your needs. By the way, the wigs made are designed with special materials. These are the products that help maintain the shine and longevity of your wig, giving you the flexibility to wear it for a long time. The other benefit you get with RL Moda is that you have the chance to order wigs made from your own hair.

This is what makes our company so original. We must recognize that our teams are the best in this field. Aware of the health consequences of a poor quality wig, RL Moda fully guarantees the quality of its woven wigs. You benefit from tailor-made hair that is 100% natural and soft to the touch.


The history of wig-making

It is not superfluous to know the manufacturing process and the history of the wig before adopting it as an accessory. Wigs are made by professionals called wigmakers. The design of the wigs follows meticulous and precise steps. First, the professional looks for natural hair or yak hair. These are the basic building blocks of the woven wig manufacturing process. Then he proceeds to the squaring.

This consists of putting the hair, one in one, in a frame having wire-tipped brushes. This makes it possible to cut the ends of the hair and to ensure the proportion of their length. Then we move on to the impression-taking phase where the wigmaker makes a mold on the client's skull. This allows him to do precise work. After this step, there is the frame then the hair implantation and the fitting to finish.

As for the origin of the woven wig, it dates back to 1633 when it was worn by the French. At first, it was done out of necessity. It was only later, and more precisely in the 12th century, that this accessory became a sign of distinction for the French nobility. So, to give wigs more style, wigmakers have developed specific implantation techniques.

Wigs then become accessories of impressive proportions, dethroning at the same time hats. The wigs that we find in this period of history were predominantly masculine. They were tied with a ribbon with buckles at the temples. The number of curls a wig had made it possible to determine the social rank to which the wearer belongs.

It wasn't until later, towards the end of this century, that women joined the dance with their oversized hairpiece that combines hat and hairstyle. In the period of the thirteenth century, wigs and hairpieces are assigned to certain occupations functions.

In conclusion, come to our organic beauty institute to have this wonder on your head.

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