The start of hair loss can be from a few hairs in your bathroom sink to hair stuck in your comb. And in the future, this can progress to baldness. When you lose more hair than usual, it can lead to a bald scalp known as baldness. People can suffer from baldness as a result of certain medications, medical treatments or because it can be hereditary.

Hair loss can affect anyone, women, men and even children. The American Academy of Dermatology states that hair loss is common in about 40% of women by the age of 40. Hair loss is so common in women that about 1 in 4 women, or about 42 million people, in the United States suffer from some form of hair loss. Normal people lose about 100 hairs in a single day. However, if a normal person has about 100,000 hairs in their scalp, no one should experience visible hair thinning. Slow thinning of hair is a common part of aging.

Nonetheless, baldness due to hair loss can occur in conditions such as the following:

  • The rate at which a person loses hair becomes greater than the rate at which he regrows hair.
  • The hair that grows back is thinner than the hair that falls out.
  • The hair begins to fall out in patches.

Women tend to lose hair usually in a diffuse pattern, whether it is the beginning stage, mid/progressive or the advanced stage. There are usually three stages of hair loss:

  • Beginning

Hair begins to fall in a diffuse pattern, starting with the top of the head. At this stage, hair loss is minimal.

  • Mid/Progressive

Hair loss becomes more visible, and more of the scalp can be seen.

  • Advanced

Hair loss becomes very visible, and you can clearly see the scalp.

The above information represents the different stages of hair loss and will help in finding a hair solution needed. A complete hair system or wig may not be needed if you are suffering from the beginning or mid/progressive stages of hair loss. In this case, a simple hairpiece or topper would be great to simply cover up the visible thinning hair areas.

You can click here to see our Topper Chart. There you can also find out about our different base dimensions and placements.

We recommend that you schedule a consultation with our hair loss expert if you are experiencing hair loss for the first time. They will help you identify your hair loss stage and recommend products that are specifically tailored to you.

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