Glue Removal and Gluing Toupee or Hairpiece

This is a long video, sorry about that!  I put together the best I could a video on how to remove the glue from a toupee / topper or hairpiece.  

My goal is to help those that have to do the service on their own at home to have the most step by step instructions to be able to achieve it.  

In the video I mention a few products, so here it is: 


Lace Release
Walker Solvent or Action Remover (used in the video)

Glue and Tape for long hold:

Ultra hold 
No Shine Tape Strips or the Rounded No Shine Tape Strips

Here are more items that could be useful:

Max Hold sport, it is good to put on before putting glue on your scalp it keeps it on more secure
Just Rite Positioning Spray is good for beginners so that if you put it on wrong you have a little window to redo it. 

For our full line just visit the Adhesive section and Hair Care Products.

 Good luck! I hope this helps :)

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