Get-A-Grip-Wig and scarf grips

If you are looking for a way to keep your headwear and wigs at place, look no further. We have the right solution for you. Our wig grips available in different colors, textures, and styles will not only prevent your wigs from slipping but also blends in really well so no one can actually see it.

The main feature includes:

  • A comfortable velvet material that holds the wig well.
  • A delicate backing with a silicone clasp to provide additional security and adjustments. 
  • Our wig grips are available in two main colors, brown and blonde. 
  • Our Swiss lace aligns with the parting of the wig to make sure no one knows you’re wearing one!

So whether you are putting a wig on to match your outfit or you suffer from hair loss, you deserve a stress-free day where you don’t have to adjust your wig every other second!

Given below are the instructions you should follow to properly wear the grip:

  1. Put the wig grip around the circumference of your head a little behind the front hairline making sure that the lace section is aligned with the parting of your wig.
  2. Use the adjustable strap to make a perfect fit for your head 
  3. Put the wig on and keep the part over the lace area. The velvet should not be visible whatsoever.
  4. This grip can be very effectively used for any other type of headwear; scarves, beanies, and whatnot!!

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