Full Lace Cap

In Montreal, like everywhere else, to always look young and beautiful, women have several beauty accessories at their disposal, including hair extensions and wigs. In the market, you have a variety that perfectly meets your expectations. This is the case of the full lace wigs (Full Lace Cap) which occupy a prominent place. Indeed, you have here a category of wigs made with natural hair thus offering comfort and discretion out of the ordinary for a natural appearance. And to have your Full Lace Cap, you must contact RL Moda. We are arguably your best asset for having the perfect wig and accessories in Montreal.


What is a full lace or full lace wig?

The full lace or full lace wig has a close resemblance to the lace front wig. In reality, the two are similar in design. This is the same technique used to design them with the only difference that for the Lace Front wig, only the front is made of lace. While at the level of the Full Face wig, the entire cup is designed in lace.

Coming back to our notion, the full lace wig is a wig of natural hair where each of the hair is tied and tied manually and individually over the entire cup. Natural hair covers the front, back, crown and top, especially. The whole is made of lace. This type of wig offers aesthetic advantages, naturalness and excellence. It obviously allows you to vary the cuts as you wish and thus change your look indefinitely. With the Full Face Wig, you have the possibility of having a massive and remarkable ponytail. In short, this wig gives you the opportunity to part your hair when you feel like it.

However, not everything is rosy with these kinds of wigs. By the way, this is a more or less sensitive wig that needs to be handled with dexterity. Because of its sensitivity, it is advisable to style the hair on a regular basis and to maintain it with the appropriate products. This makes it possible to optimize its lifespan. Quality at a price. Considering the materials and technique used to make the Full Face wig, its cost is more expensive than conventional wigs.


Wearing a wig without a cap: how does it work?

There are times when you don't feel good about yourself when you put on a wig cap. It is therefore possible to wear your wig without a cap. To start, you must first prepare the hair. Then you have to slide the wig as if you were putting on your swimming cap. Finally, you have to style your hair.

To start, you have to prepare the hair. It is advisable to make them flat. And to get there, you have the option of braiding them naturally (small braid). This not only helps moisturize and cleanse the scalp, but also restricts bumps under the wig. You can also make cornrows (rows of corn). This is well indicated when you know how to wear a capless wig. Or, by opting for flat twists, you can easily wear your wig.

Besides preparing the hair, you also need to prepare your skin. To do this, it is advisable to apply a cleanser to the skin as well as to the hairline. After that you can put on your wig. To put it on, you have to take it from the end at the back with your hands.

Next, curl your head forward a bit and wear your beanie with a front-to-back hand motion. Make sure the front of the wig is above the eyebrows. It is necessary from this moment to slip the wig as the swimming caps are worn. Also make sure to center your wig then arrange the lost hair before covering. Finally, do your hair. And you are at the top of your beauty!

However, if you are unable to do so, contact our professionals. They are at your disposal.


All about the Lace Wig

The Lace Wig literally means lace wig. It is about a wig that looks like the hair grows straight from the root. So it's an undetectable wig. With this gem, you change your mind whenever you want.

Originally, the Lace Wig was designed using the hair of women from a variety of backgrounds. This hair is usually synthetic or human. Before we get to the final product (Lace Wig), there are several steps that must be taken. Indeed, after collection, the hair goes through washing and treatment in order to extract the most resistant. Fixing is done by hand, but also with a special hook: this is the ventilation process. What makes the Lace Wig special is in the cup.

Unlike the classic beanie, which is often synthetic and made up of rows of hair revealing bumps, the Lace Wig rather offers a very fine and very flat surface. This lace surface is transparent or colored with knotted and unstitched hair. It is important to emphasize that the Lace Wig is accessible to all. The proof is that it is highly prized by world leaders and also by patients suffering from alopecia, alopecia areata or cancer.

Ultimately, get closer to our organic beauty institute, expert in wigs to have your full Lace Cap.

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