What is the Girl Gang and why be part of it... because you get to #FIGHTLIKEAGIRL against Cancer!  Women are strong and when they fight they fight hard.  We are extremely proud to support the cause by donating 100% of the proceeds to help the fight against Cancer.  

So how can you support, it's simple you purchase any of the products from our Cancer Awareness Collection.  Winter is coming so our pom pom hat or regular beanie with the Girl Gang Logo will not only support monetarily and also emotionally.  

Working in the wig and hair loss business for almost 15 years, we see so many women losing their hair from chemotherapy. We see them fight and they are sincerely heroes, real heroes.  Not only do they have a life threatening disease, they have to take insanely strong medication that causes tons of side effects, they also have to deal with a changed body image.  Some women claim that they don't recognize themselves in the mirror.  

If you have hair loss and want to wear hair with the wig, we have the Half Wig which will give the impression that you have hair.  We have Shorter and Longer hair!

Why buy one of these items?  Because you can support yourself or others.  Remember #FIGHTLIKEAGIRL and be a part of the Girl Gang!  

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  • What a great initiative! I just purchased a beanie to be part of this. #FIGHTLIKEAGIRL

    • Jenn Ford