Brazilian hair extension in Montreal

Are you looking for a way to increase and magnify your hair? No more worries for you. There is a panoply of solutions including the Brazilian weaving which constitutes the most effective method to have satisfaction. To obtain an impeccable rendering from all points of view, we invite you to contact RL Moda. In fact, we specialize in selling and modifying premium wigs. We offer our services and our products throughout Canada. With its experience and great professionalism, our company is in the best position to provide you with quality services.


Brazilian weaving: what is it?

Brazilian hair extension

First of all, it should be noted that the name does not refer directly to the country of origin of the country. Rather, it is about the type of hair used. Having invaluable softness and suppleness, this hair is much thicker and comes close to Brazilian hair.


The name Remy Hair?

For the success of a Brazilian weaving, it is imperative to use natural hair. If you do not have one, it is recommended that you do a hair transition.

Indeed, according to Remy, to be sure of the quality of the hair, it is essential that it comes from the same person. In addition, they must be cut and organized scrupulously in the same direction. This must also be done by hand.

The ideal is to know the exact origin of the hair before embarking on a Brazilian weaving process.


Use the services of a professional for the installation of Brazilian weavings

Since the installation of Brazilian weaves requires a technical application, the intervention of a professional is essential. Composed of an expert team in the field, RL Moda has beauty products adapted to each type of hair to offer you quality extensions.

The professionals of our organic beauty institute start by weaving your hair on which the Brazilian strands are attached afterwards. This is why it is important to have sufficient hair so that the weaves are applied effectively and go unnoticed.


How to recognize Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian hair? 

There are several types of hair in the natural hair market. As a result, you often find yourself embarrassed by choices. However, each type of hair has well-defined criteria.

Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is the most famous and has a shiny and attractive appearance. They can be used for protective hairstyles, in straightening and coloring curly hair. Better still, if you want straight curly hair, this is the ideal solution.

These strands are the most recommended since they hold the curls well. What's more, they don't require a lot of maintenance. In fact, this hair enjoys a perfectly processed texture. It is not superfluous that most of the Brazilian hair on the market is Indian hair that Brazilian companies harvest and process.


Indian hair

Currently, this type of hair is widespread all over the world. It’s about strong, light and fine hair. In addition, they are suitable for all types of uses according to your convenience. Whether it is coloring curly hair, brushing, straightening, this hair is the most suitable.

However, Indian hair is not in the best position for achieving a curl in long hair. Because they have a smooth, wispy look and a woman's wavy perm.


Peruvian hair

Composed of hard and very dense locks, this hair is obviously the most durable and robust on the market. For a woman with curly hair and fans of volume, these products are perfect for you.


Malaysian hair

Here, it is about the hair coming from Malaysian donors. In reality, these wicks are considered to be pristine and free from chemical treatment. This is why they have a naturally shiny appearance and are suitable for your curly frizzy hair.

In addition, Malaysian hair is soft, strong, and in turn is the ideal solution for women who want volume on their head.


All about the Brazilian wig 360

Pretty girl with brazilian hair extension

The wish of many women is to have long curly hair. However, it is important to invest in this project in order to have good quality products for the maintenance of your hair. Other women opt for Brazilian weaving, a hair extension technique that has proven successful in Montreal. To make your hair last, here are some tips to follow.

On the one hand, it is important to do a daily detangling. Indeed, the Brazilian hair wig is damaged very quickly with knots. That’s why you have to be careful to untangle them every morning. Even in the evenings, it is advisable to braid it in order to preserve it while you sleep.

On the other hand, take care of your Brazilian weave regularly by using a repairing smoothing serum. Thus, you will benefit from curly hair with all its clarity.

Also, it is important to wash your wig thoroughly to avoid itching and the growth of bacteria. In all cases, it is advisable to make a hair transition to have natural hair.

For all your Brazilian weaving needs, we are available to provide you with quality services. With a team ready to answer you at any time, we guarantee the best services in Montreal and across Canada. To find you, we will provide you with free geolocation of our agencies.

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