Baldness Patterns

A-D: This is what no hair loss looks like; using proper shampoos such as bio shampoos can help keep the hair full... See our full list of Helen Seward products.

B-E: This is the beginning of the hair loss, we can see the receding hair line and the back crown is gone. If you are uncomfortable, you can start wearing a toupee or some men opt for the fibers at this stage;

C-F: This type of  hair loss would require a toupee to cover it.  It would have to be measured to see what size you would need.  Check our Man Cave for products. 

For women, we offer different options such as wigs and toppers.  Wigs are pretty straight forward however toppers aren't.  Toppers depend on how bad the hair loss is.  It can go from just a small piece to help fill up a small gap or to a full crown hair loss.  Obviously the larger the size of the hair loss the larger the piece required to fill the gap. 

To measure you will need a measuring tap and measure the size of the hair loss or thinning area.  If you are opting for a do it yourself clip in topper than it has to be measured to an area where you have a larger amount of hair to clip it on. 



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