RLModa wigs show a medium-light texture for a more natural appearance. A few types that have been purposefully created to have a reduced density are exceptions to this rule. The variant 1 is made of natural hair, and variant 2 is made up of synthetic hair, which are good instances of these low-density designs.

When comparing wigs, one may have quite more density than another. This is frequently related to how the head (hair) is attached to the cap. For example, two wigs that are nearly identical in length and design have highly diverse hat forms.


Hat Form of Variant 1

This variant 1 has an Open Cap design and a Lace front; it indicates that the core of the cap (head and rear) is a "curtain-like" single veil of hair. Then, these excellent tiny wefts are stitched with one another in rows to make the wig. 

1: The first part is the Smart-lace front, which is similar to a natural hairline, and the hair strings are tied one after another.

2: Second part is the top and back, which is open wefted; the most significant advantage of this is that it provides ideal ventilation, and the wefting is done using a machine.

3: The nape and ear tabs are made of velvet which allows the customization of the wig smooth using a bendable wire.

4: The wig has adjustable tabs, which can be adjusted to get a suitable circumference.


Hat Form of Variant 2

On the other hand, the other variant 2 has a cap with a Lace Front Tied style. This implies that each hair is hand-tied onto the cap fiber, giving the impression of organic growth!

1: the front is of bright lace; the hair is tied one after and the other by hand in a similar pattern to a natural hairline.

2: the second part is a single monofilament that provides parting in multiple directions, and the hair appears to have a natural growth.

3: the caps are 100% tied by hand.

4: the stretch sections are also 100% handmade, allowing stretch customizable from ear to ear and front to back.


Comparison between Variant 1 and 2

Hand-tied hats have the advantage of lying flat on the head and allowing for more natural movement than wefted wigs. As a result, variant 2 will appear less plump as compared to variant 1.

Both styles, however, weigh almost the same (3.5 ounces of variant 2 and 3.7 ounces of variant 1), indicating that they got the same volume of hair!

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