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General Information

I would like to purchase a wig, how much does it cost?

I would like to purchase hair extensions, how much do they cost?

Are you open to the public?

Do you sell wholesale to stores and salons?

How long can my human hair extensions last?

How do the seams of your wefts look like?

What brand do you sell in your wigs and hair extensions ?

What is the difference between virgin hair and processed hair ?

Which products should I use on my wig and hair extensions?

Are there special instructions for Keratin Fusion Extensions.

What system can we use to hold our wigs?

How can I brush my hair?

Are there sizes in the wigs?

What system can we use to hold our wigs?

How can I brush my hair?

What type of products can I use to upkeep my wig or my extensions?

Can wigs and extensions be exposed to the sun?

What is the upkeep for a human hair wig? Can I wash my wig?

Synthetic wig cleaning or wash

How do I protect my hairpiece from sun discoloration?

Can I bleach the knots of hair-system at home?

How will I be able to prevent my hair from capturing a lot of dirt and dust at the hairline?

Is there anything that can be done for my dry, straw-like hair?

Is there are way to prevent the hair strands from falling out on the pillow?

Synthetic Hair

Euro-Asian Hair

Brazilian Hair

Russian Hair