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Surethik Professional Root Thickening Mist

  • $25.00


Heat Activated Expansion Technology, Humidity Guard, Alcohol Free: Our alcohol Free Root Thickening Mist not only makes the hair feel instantly thicker and helps protect against humidity, it keeps working all day and night to build stronger and healthier hair. Can be applied on wet or dry hair, the Mist penetrates deep into the hair and scalp to regenerate weak and thinning areas and improve follicle health and vitality. A non-sticky, touchable formula that performs best when blow-dried, leaving the hair fuller and healthier.


Our Thickening Mist is not only about hairstyling. Our blend of natural fruit and plant extracts help to enhance the texture of the hair and create a natural freshness for those that use our products. This combination of proprietary botanicals has been designed to reduce hair and scalp aging at the cellular level while it improves follicle health and reduces hair loss. While the SureThik® Mist is improving the look and feel of your hair, it’s also working at the root. The hair follicle will be noticeably larger and smoother after being treated with the SureThik® Hair & Scalp Blend after just three uses. Additionally, antioxidants provide protective qualities for smoother, stronger and thicker hair.


Most hair styling products have Alcohol as a main ingredient, used to help the product dry quickly. Alcohol can be very damaging to the hair and scalp. Over time Alcohol will leave the hair and scalp dried out and brittle.

Apply on wet or damp hair. Spray 2 to 4 pumps evenly throughout your hair. Make sure to keep the dispenser only a few inches from the hair. Work the mist through your hair with your finger tips. Blow dry with warm or hot air to activate the volumizing components of the mist. Once the hair is completely dry, the mist is set and thickening fibers can be applied for an even fuller look.