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Follicle energizing treatment (Bosley)

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Treatment for thinning and low density areas.
-Contains active ingredients for the scalp to help increase the
energy level in follicles.
-Pentapeptides help stimulate the production of Keratin proteins
that strengthen the roots.
-Apple stem cells help foster healthy hair follicles.
-Biotinyl-GHK protects and repairs hair follicles.
-Seaweed extracts help reduce the effects of DHT (one of the
leading causes of hair loss).
-Wheat Amino Acids nourish and strengthen.

Protects and repairs all while fostering healthy hair in low density
zones such as the hair line, or damaged (breaking) zones.
Apply one or two drops to your fingers, massage onto damaged
areas and leave onto scalp. Can be used twice a day or without
starting with shampoo.