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Shampoo - Dry (Amika)

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Format: 232.46 Ml - 8 Oz
amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo cleanses hair by absorbing excess
oil and dirt that weigh down your hair. This weightless formula creates
a silky texture and eliminates odors to freshen hair between washes.

Unlike other dry shampoos that use aluminum and talc, Perk Up only
uses rice starch to absorb the oil. Obliphica extract conditions hair,
leaving it soft and easy to style.

Color-safe, safe for hair with Brazilian hair straightening and other
Keratin treatments.

Paraben free, sodium chloride free, no artificial coloring, sulfate free,
talc free.

Directions: Shake before use. Hold approx. 30 cm from hair and
spray lightly, focusing on roots. Wait a minute or two while rice starch
absorbs oils and deodorizes. Brush hair or massage with fingertips.