The "Wet Look" and your Wig

Ever since Beyonce graced the stage of the Grammy's with her new shoulder length "wet look" people went wild.  Imagine waking up, wetting your hair, applying products and leaving the house looking sexy?  Well not only is it possible on your own hair, but also on your wig. Items you will need to create this look: 1. "Wet Look Gel"; 2. Hydrating oil; 3. Hair brush: 4. Spray water bottle. 1. Hold the wig in your hand; 2. Wet it using the water bottle; 3. Apply gel in your hands and rub your hands together, apply evenly on the wig; 4. Use the hydrating oil and apply it to make the hair soft; 5. Brush the hair and then towel dry the hair. Style as you wish!  Enjoy your look :)  

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