If you wear a wig or you wear turbans/scarves you can really use this...

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Many people wear wigs and turbans and aren't happy with the front hairline.  They also have difficulties keeping the wigs and turbans in place.  So now wig and turban wearers say hi to the RL-IBANDS. The front hairline is almost undetectable and no clips needed. Natural and comfortable.  What is awesome about this innovative headband is that it is good for 2 things:

  1. It helps the wigs, scarves and turbans adhere without having to put too many layers, clips or adhesives and they are comfortable.
  2. It allows for a very natural hairline in the front.  It also helps change the look of the wig i.e.: bangs, side bangs, longer in the front (bob or lob).  It also gives a natural look when wearing turbans.

See the video for a demonstration.  If you are interested in trying them on, you can email us at wigs@orderquality.com or call us at 514-907-3322 ext. 1 or 2.


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