Braiding a wig

1521598_610414282364675_1361614705_n Being in the hair industry we see many different hairstyles, colors and hair cuts.  Sometimes we get inspired, sometimes we just do what we are told.  However, we are always looking for new looks and styles to offer to our clients. Braids have existed for ages and for some reason they are timeless and there are hundreds of ways to braid your hair.  You can opt for a sporty look to a glamorous updo.  So this being said, I work with wigs and hair extensions, so when something interests me I cannot just stop at saying that braids are only done on someone's own natural hair, I need to go further. So after experimenting, wigs can be braided into some of the great styles that exist.  However, it is done in a more delicate way and we have to pay more attention to detail.  Braiding a wig we also have to be careful to not let the cap show. If you have an event, or you would like us to braid your wig just contact us.

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